Managing your Production Data





WinTool: Transparent Organization in CNC Production

WinTool is the comprehensive and specialized solution to enable transparent organization in CNC production.

With WinTool your processes will be extremely simplified absolutely free of errors. That works directly to promote cost saving in the productivity and flexibility within the company. All information is managed and made available through a central database and the clearly structured applications in the designated format as data, drawings or as 3D graphics.

Software for Tool Data Management and CAM Integration

WinTool is built on the most modern software technology and connects in concept and implementation years of experience within the manufacturing environment this guarantees the cooperation with our partners also the targeted and competent implementation of projects from the planning and the introduction to the long term service.

   More Efficiently

How Agathon controls the tools and manufactures more efficiently.

   WinTool 2014

Highest software reliability and the most effective Workflow remained our top priorities in this update. More…

   WinTool 2013

Easy and Complete. In 2013 we worked off many customer requests to improve functions or simplify them  even  more. More…

   Tool Sheets

Tool sheets configured to your speceific requirements offer perfect documentation and instruction.
More …

   Setting Priorities

It is the time to look at the long term goals More…

   Ideally positioned!

With the latest version from WinTool all technical tasks related to CNC manufacturing can be organized easily. With the modular structure of WinTool. More...

   Modern Industries

Improves Accuracy with WinTool. More…

   Tool Availability

Online access to current data insures tool availability. More…

   Geberit in form

Massive lead time reduction at Geberit Toolmaking must adapt quickly and unerringly react to constructive improvements with new products. More...