Presetter Integration

Nominal and standard integration

WinTool supplies the measuring gauge control with precise setup instructions based on the Manufacturing Engineer’s definitions in NC programs. Only the WinTool master database, with tool setup specifications and modifications, is always maintained, release controlled and up to date.  The WinTool presetter interface transfers NC program specific tool target data (incl. graphics, tool dimensions, measuring points, tolerances, adapter type, focus etc. etc.) according to the machining engineer's definitions. This speeds up the tool setup process and eliminates human error.The WinTool Presetting Gauge interface is directly integrated in the Process Manager. Measured tool data can be transmitted to the machines digitally: either as a file via the CNC Archive or via memory chips. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact a consultant. WinTool integrates all known tool pre-setters with LAN access and an available tool data import feature.

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