WinTool 物流模块监控日常生产中成本中心的刀具使用情况。 根据NC程序特定要求(刀具清单)或 WinTool 流程管理模块,从存储中预订工具。


  • 如果库存水平低于最小值,则会生成采购申请。 经理批准后,采购申请将自动发送到ERP系统。

  • ERP系统在发出采购订单后发送确认。                                                                                                                 
  • 收货可以直接在WinTool或ERP系统中完成。                                                                                                   
  • 来自WinTool和ERP系统的主数据可以实现交换。

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Wintool integration ERP


Storage System Integration

Vending cabinets and setup lists automatically combined

Correct and reliable tool stock amounts are mandatory for flawless production and proper tool supply planning. Inventory is best managed in a controlled environment, such as a storage lift or a dispenser system.

WinTool interfaces directly with these systems and sends item master data (incl. graphics) to the units. Inventory changes in the storage systems are automatically reported back and updated in WinTool. This way, you always have full control of all your storage and cost centers in your production environment.

WinTool interfaces with all commonly known lift and dispenser systems such as Achterberg Toolbase, Gühring, Matrix, Supply Point Systems, ToolBoss, Tool24, Hänel, Kardex, and Modula.