Industry characteristics

  • Titan, Aluminium, Composites
  • Expensive material & tools
  • One year forecast management
  • Tier 1 & Tier 2 supplier
  • High quality protection
  • Strong budget correlation
  • Top 10 Analysis (Cost centres, Suppliers, Articles)
  • GMP establishment (Workflow, Procedures, Automatism)
  • etc
Werkzeugverwaltung in der Luftfahrt-Industrie


Arwin Industries

Industry solution

One of the typical WinTool solutions for the Aerospace industry

Manage your resources intelligently via tablet and / or smartphone!

Get an overview of the tool consumption, e.g. per cost center, or across all cost centers. View the most used tools or do your top 10 analyses of your suppliers. See clearly your orders per machine, and the status of the process as well as the associated NC folders. You can book or rebook your tools quickly, smartly and mobile.

The Task

  • Graphical representation of information on consumption-oriented shop floor management and status-based process monitoring
  • Outsourcing of WinTool desktop applications to mobile clients in machinery, tool and equipment warehouses and control centers
  • Easily create your own management platform with dashboards, prepared widgets and templates

Your Benefit

  • You have the option of loading the NC program, confirming start and end of production, rebooking items, or even booking of tools and equipment out of the warehouse
  • You can easily track your orders in terms of file status, NC folder status and the status of the production process itself
  • See instantly and at a glance tool usage through your cost centers, as well as other freely configurable information. Paperless & in real time

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Wintool Tool Management Software



  • Display of the status of defined files in the NC folder via all NC Folders
  • Rebooking of items with display of the cabinet slots or machine magazine slots
  • Add photos to the NC folder via tablet or smartphone camera
  • View the complete NC Folder
  • Display of the status of the process step as well as the NC Folder
  • Overview of all orders per machine
  • Display of the booking history
  • Booking of components, complete tools and tool lists via tablet and / or smartphone
  • Paperless consumption overview of the tools and in real time
  • Edit the graphic representation for a cockpit tailored to your needs
  • Easily create your own dashboards with widgets and templates
  • Web-enabled, browser-based WinTool solution for smart workshop management


  • WinTool Logistics Module
  • WinTool Process Manager
  • WinTool CNC Archive
  • WinTool Tool Library


  • Windows Vista, 7 bis 10
  • Web server (IIS)