Logistics Module

Integrated Production Resources & Tools Supply Manager

The Logistics Module tracks items at cost centers and analyzes the tool usage. WinTool differentiates consumables, durables, and service or regrind items. Purchase-to-order and purchase-to-stock (minimum stock) methods are supported in the WinTool reordering process and shopping cart. Waste analysis and usage reference reports are included.

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Multi Storage Clients

One Tool Database, Multiple Storage Clients

WinTool has been extended to allow for independently managed Storage Clients. Each additional client can fully utilize all of the capabilities of the Logistics Module, such as inventory management, item tracking, purchasing, and storage system interfaces. Now you record production resources & tools just once in the enterprise, and the new data is immediately available in all departments, buildings, plants, and ancillary sites. With the Storage Clients you can standardize your workflows AND maintain the flexibility to accommodate regional differences!


  • Manage production resources & tools in one shared database in the company.
  • Optimize tool supply and stock for each location individually.
  • Transfer CNC production knowledge and Best Practices easily between different locations and production facilities.


  • Build one CNC production resource & tools library for multiple production locations, but manage the supply and usage individually.
  • Standardize your CNC production process in different production locations.
  • Share, analyze, and optimize tool usage company-wide.

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