Industry characteristics

  • FDA obligation
  • GMP Policy
  • Titan & human compatibility
  • Full line traceability
  • No failure tolerance policy
  • Comprehensibility
  • History
  • Multi client management
  • Special / new material
  • Mastercam
  • etc.
Werkzeugverwaltungssoftware in der Medizin


Industry Solution

One of the typical WinTool solutions for the Medical industry

Reliable & Transparent CNC Operation Data

WinTool collects CNC operation data from all sources in production – programmers, tool room workers, and opera-tors, and stores it in paperless NC Folders. The folders are user protected, control file revisions & data release, and can be controlled remotely (e.g. by PLM or MES Systems). New data can be added simply via Drag & Drop or fully automatic, e.g. via Post Processor. WinTool tool lists are directly linked and relate your CNC operation instructions with your production resources & tools. This creates total transparency: the dream of every production planner!

The Task

  • View all operation data per part quickly
  • Standardize CAM and machine programming workflows
  • Keep history of operation data creation, variations, and modifications

The Benefits

  • Simplify and speed up the work of your machining engineers and operators
  • Get the right files and tools to the point of use correctly and on time
  • Fully integrated CAM and machine programming workflows
  • Eliminate filing chaos in multiple departments and human error
  • Standardize & automate your CNC operation data archiving procedures

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Wintool Tool Management Software


CNC Archive

  • Fully integrated, relational CNC data-base for machine operation data, pro-duction resources & tools
  • Archiving of all document types in-cluding CAM, NC program, MS Office files, PDF, AVI etc. (incl. rev. control)
  • Drag & Drop feature (from desktop to user interface)
  • Create files from templates, rename and archive automatically
  • Launch CAM and other software in WinTool (create production data 100% via WinTool Environment)
  • Auto-archive machine programs and CAM Post outputs (optional)
  • Log creator, last usage and modifica-tions for operation data
  • Machine-optimized program manager
  • NC Compare Editor
  • User access control of Machine Data, NC folders, Files, and Functions


  • All Machines (via RS232/DNC & Ethernet)
  • All CAM systems
  • CIMCO Editor
  • PDM/MES systems (optional)
  • WinTool Tool Library
  • Tool measuring data (optional)


Windows Vista, 7 to 10