Do you already use all your optimization potentials of your CNC production?

Do you know all the optimal options for your tool management?

With the Smart Check, we evaluate your optimization potential, which is possible through manufacturing and tool data management across all areas of CNC manufacturing. In doing so, we not only survey the status quo, but also work out possible improvements in the areas of work preparation, PDM/CAD/CAM, tool set-up, logistics and machining production. 2 competence partners are on site for 2 days. You will get a comprehensive overview of your unused potentials in manufacturing and tool data management.



- Recognize unused potentials of your machining production with WinTool.
- Digitalization & automation of your processes with the extensive possibilities 
  of manufacturing management.
- Effective use of all your existing digital data and information through optimized 
  or new process chains and networking.
- Make information and data available "up-to-date" at the right time, at the right place.


The procedure:

- By telephone or in person on site, we get to know your manufacturing processes and find out which 
  optimization targets bring you the greatest added value.
- You provide us with data and information in simplified checklists that you receive in advance.
- On-site appointment: 2 days - 2 competence partners 
  Process analysis of the tool management - additional information is collected in short meetings 
  with the respective contact persons.
- After one week the result presentation of the analysis, with presentation of the optimization 
  potentials, takes place.  
- You will receive the presentation in file form!


Your benefits

- You receive solutions that can be implemented directly - increase your productivity and added value.
- Day-to-day business is only slightly affected by the SMART WinTool Check.
- Solutions for further projects for the implementation of the determined optimization potentials.
- A second opinion with a neutral, independent and well-founded view from the outside, taking into 
  account resources.
- The modular structure in WinTool allows new solutions and adaptations of your existing processes 
  at any time.
- Can be combined with other Smart Analysis Checks for production optimization.
- The return on investment is assured over every phase of your development.


We will be happy to inform you about further opportunities to explore optimization potentials in your production with the SMART Analysis Check.


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