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The Independent, Swiss Solution Provider

Since 1980, the Swiss based WinTool AG has been developing and constantly improving an extremely comprehensive, yet easy-to-use CNC data management solution for production resources & tools (PRT Management). Together with many precision manufacturers and solution partners, WinTool has incorporated Best Practices found in home grown systems, continued to champion the lean manufacturing methodology, and reduced the overhead of data processing requirements.

WinTool is proud to be the recognized leader on the cutting edge of modern CNC machining today!

Company History

WinTool AG was founded in 1980 by Walter Götschi as a software house under the name "DATOS Computer AG". From the beginning, WinTool has been at home in the metal-cutting industry and has made a name for itself with workshop-oriented software solutions in all industries worldwide. Since specializing in the "WinTool" process solution, more and more customers, from small / medium-sized companies to large corporations, are using WinTool as a consistent tool to achieve maximum efficiency throughout the entire process workflow - from order to finished part.

WinTool AG is managed by the CEO - Roger Ineichen (picture) as an independent company, which is constantly developing in close cooperation with CAD / CAM manufacturers, suppliers of presetting devices and storage systems, such as tool and machine suppliers. The partnership with the leading manufacturers across the entire range of CNC peripherals makes it possible for users to offer an integrated solution with continuous data from the digitized tool to the real generated chip on the machine. The result is the leading system solution for manufacturing data and tool management, which impresses with flexibility and simplicity, directly impacting productivity gains in manufacturing. Sustainable and guaranteed.

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