Wintool Tool Management Software

Our Competencies

Forged in the fire of industry

Customers benefit from the extensive experience gained in many different PRT Management projects (Production Resources & Tools) and individual services worldwide.

Today WinTool is proud to present the most sophisticated and lean solution to manage all your needs in NC engineering and on the shop floor!

  • 35 years of experience in the management of machine data, tools and resources are the guarantee for an unprecedented project success.
  • Countless successfully implemented customer projects resulted in a simple, integrated and process oriented solution.
  • Industry-proven database architecture in combination with modern web-Access are reflected in a unique workshop-oriented application.
  • In-house software development for all interfaces (of which more than 10 CAM Interfaces) - the variety of interfaces is the standard and core competence of the WinTool AG.
  • WinTool is independent on CNC peripherals such as storage systems, presetting devices, CAM solution, ERP/MES/PLM, machine control systems, tool manufacturers, etc.

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8 Reasons why you want Wintool

Get the maximum from your machines & IT systems

PRT Housekeeping

Easily create a network attached library of your Production Resources & Tools (PRT) so that production planners, NC programmers, tool room workers, and machine operators can work hand in hand and optimize your production methods and skills.

Real to digital tools

In seconds; using WinTool (the world’s leading tool assembly engine) you can create exact tool definitions including BOM, dimensioned graphics, and 3D models from your tool item library for precise NC program verifications and immaculate tool setups.

CAM Integration

After 20 years of extensive experience, CAM integration has become our core competence. WinTool is the only available solution with advanced technology for a seamless workflow between programming and the shop floor. A true game changer!

Secure CNC archive

Stop error-prone filing methods! WinTool offers you a workflow from planning to programming to production to manage machine operations, all data in a user protected CNC Archive, CAM files, programs, instructions, tool lists, you name it…

Available anytime, anywhere

Want to know what insert was used in program xyz and if it is available? You got it! WinTool links everything to everything in a relational database and makes it available in your network. Re-traceability, instant updates, CNC data control and automation,

Minimum Machine Setup Time

Managing your standardized resident tools and job-specific tools in the tool room and on the machines can be cumbersome. WinTool helps you to manage all of these tools more effectively and efficiently. Fix the problems at their source!

Lean inventory

By introducing a reliable WinTool process, excessive safety stock and obsolete items can be eliminated. WinTool enables you to instantly analyze and look ahead to check PRT availability for each machine operation and to manage your stock.

Interface Independent

WinTool is the only autonomous PRT management solution that cooperates with all companies. WinTool interfaces with all presetting gauge brands, tool manufacturers, dispenser cabinet and lift systems, CAM, DNC, ERP, PDM systems and you preserve maximum fle

Project Management

We know we will get it done. The responsibility is ours!

WinTool technology makes production plants more cost effective, efficient, and flexible, without compromising production quality. But the introduction of a CNC master database also means replacing obsolete or redundant systems, changing established operation procedures, habits, and - what is often referred to as - "tribal knowledge".

The key to success in organizational change is a clear vision, commitment, and a good project team that involves all important stakeholders. WinTool consultants are experienced in coaching your project team in the machine shop, sharing Best Practice experiences acquired in comparable projects, and suggesting an effective step-by-step implementation agenda based on your vision and scope.

The ease of use of the WinTool software, the speed to build a quality engineering database, the adaptability of the solution to match your workflows and needs, and the many positive customer experiences we have benefited from in the last decades, will make WinTool a success story in your production environment too!