CNC Archive

Control your NC data for each machine operation

The CNC Archive Module is the center of NC engineering data management in a machine workshop. For each CNC operation all the dots are connected via a WinTool NC Folder which is a digital version of the traditional workbook. WinTool began to develop this product in 1987, and with continuous improvement over the years is proud to offer a proven, world class solution.

WinTool controls the creation, modifications, and usage of machining data including CAD/CAM source files, machine programmed files, and setup documentation.  It also ties in production resources & tools used in the NC program. This creates complete transparency and builds the base for dynamic production scheduling in the Process Manager.

The CNC Archive Module is a highly versatile construction kit to implement your desired workflow and ensure robust machine setup preparation and NC operation data processing in a repeatable manner.

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Revision Control

Lock / Release / Archive / Compare

The WinTool Revision Control Module manages and retraces changes in NC workbooks and documents in a comprehensive, password protected user interface. Robust production data management is a requirement for any high-end manufacturer (ISO 9001, FDA) and all shops that have repeat jobs. An NC program that runs successfully must be backed up and write protected. If modifications of the NC code must be made - because of new drawing revisions or reasons related to the availability of production resources - then new program versions must be created and any changes regarding tools and fixtures must be adapted in the documentation. WinTool makes sure that any NC program changes are done easily,  transparently, and are always retraceable. WinTool project management supports you in accomplishing your goals.

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