We are here for you, even from our office at home!

We are all facing a challenging situation due to the Covid-19 virus. Because of that, we have implemented  many necessary actions to protect our employees, and will continue to make that a priority. We also know that even in these times, we need to expand our value proposition to our Customers in every way possible.
With that being said, we would like to offer some additional services to our Customers in order to add value during this time.  These include:

-    Online Refresh Training for all WinTool Modules
-    Additional Technical Support for Upgrades to new WinTool Versions
-    Online Workshops & Training for additional WinTool Modules & Interfaces
-    Project meetings to prepare the restart after the Covid-19-Shutdown
-    WinTool Digitalization and Lean Management Workshops & Discussions with Online Demos

In addition, if you are working from a home office, with our new licensing technology we can offer you free licenses, so that you can continue working with WinTool at home

If you are interested in any of the above, please just reply to this Email and we will get back to you!

At this demanding time, close communications and coordination with all our Customers is key. We kindly ask you to stay in touch with us so that we are able to align all our activities and actions precisely. Please contact your support person from WinTool if you would like to discuss any of these offerings.

Please be aware that we will inform you immediately about any significant changes within WinTool’s organizational structure in case that occurs. Even with all the present challenges that we face, we trust that with our long-term relationships with our Customers, we will all come through this situation stronger than ever.