Maximize your setup efficiency from A-Z!

Data about tools and production resources are provided by manufacturers in different formats (ISO 13399, DIN 4000/4003, GTC, BMG, manufacturer standard, STP, STL and IGS) and via different technologies (clouds, web download or digital catalogs).

WinTool offers a wide range of functions to import this data easily, quickly, completely and correctly. The latest OSG catalog offers you the possibility to upload all tool data with all parameters including 2D drawings, 3D models and images into WinTool.

With WinTool, tools for a production order are thereby reliably & punctually delivered to the machine. This reduces programming and setup times, while planning flexibility & capacity increases. WinTool manages all tools throughout the entire manufacturing process in the entire company. With perfect digital data in OSG's new digital catalog, among others, productivity is maximized throughout:

- Non-value-added work is removed from the machine
- Setup times decrease while production flexibility & capacity increases
- Robust setup process: employees from programming, tool dispensing and at machines work hand in hand and without ambiguity
- Operating equipment movement data becomes transparent and evaluable

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The following WinTool upgrades are now available on the WinTool homepage:

WinTool OSG catalog
- All OSG tools are available for quick digital download
- All parameters, 2D drawings, 3D models and JPG images are available for each tool
- Creating tools and importing them perfectly into CAMs has never been so fast and easy
WinTool Mobile web application 1.2.1

- Various optimizations for optimal operation
- Process-relevant updates are now also possible on the tablet

WinTool SolidCAM Interface (V2.1.1)
- Various optimizations in tool import
- Optimizations in cutting data import

WinTool NX Interface (V5.0.2)
- Compatible with NX 1953
- Various optimizations in tool import


Maximize your setup efficiency