Make your CNC production reliable!

Master Data Management is a crucial building block for the Smart Factory. Digital versions of tools, fixtures, and gauges are recorded & managed centrally. They are available online wherever and whenever needed in the production workflow. The use of WinTool is comprehensive and easy. Digital tool data can be imported directly from manufacturers clouds or created individually. WinTool validates if incoming data is accurate and complete. Tool assemblies, dimensioned graphics, 3D models, lists, and setup sheets are created automatical-ly.

Your Benefit with WinTool:

•    WinTool is the optimal solution for utilizing digital data efficiently in production
•    Central data storage (instead of redundant data pools & interface problems)
•    Find all technical & logistical details on your screen
•    Standardize CNC workflows, automate & significantly increase efficiency  
•    Make machine production data transparent and manageable

Upgrade to the newest version of WinTool that is now available on the WinTool homepage:

•    Optimization and expansion of licensing technology with WIBU CodeMeter
       Further information on this procedure can be found in the "CodeMeter Administrator Manual",
      which can be found at the following link:
•    Various improvements and corrections
•    New add-on module for automatic archiving of PDF files on approval/archiving of data
     is now available

•    Change of parameters in components will be displayed immediately in 3D Shape
•    Automatic creating of STL/STEP from 3D Shape and single models
     in new CAM Interfaces
•    Extended calculation of 3D Shapes for many tool types
•    Various schema-, validation-, dimming- and demo data optimizations

•    Support for new preset device Parlec Omega7

•    Optimized magazine handling in process module

•    Various optimization in regards of supplier data and shopping card

Master data is a fundamental building block for the Smart Factory