Make your CNC production reliable!

Master data are the basic building blocks for the Smart Factory. Digital twins of your tools, clamping and measuring devices are created in a library and are centrally available for production. The operation of WinTool is very easy and quick to learn. Tool data are imported from the web and manufacturer catalogs or can simply be created yourself. WinTool checks whether your data has been entered correctly.

Your benefit:

- WinTool is a prerequisite & catalyst for the efficient use of digital applications in CNC production
- Central data storage instead of data redundancy in several systems
- All technical and logistical details can be viewed on the screen
- Work processes are standardized, automated and significantly more efficient
- Operational data become transparent and can be analyzed

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New versions and upgrades available:

• WinTool 2020.3.1
    - Various optimizations of the search and filter technology
    - Catalog import and export improvements
    - Licensing introduced for time-limited use
• WinTool Mobile Web application1.2.0
    - Various optimizations for even easier handling
    - The information field can now be edited in the WebApp on the tablet
    - Classifications and status can now be changed in the WebApp

• WinTool MachiningCloud Portal 1.5
    - Various optimizations in the mapping of tools
    - Implementation of various matchcodes for many tool types
• WinTool ESPRIT TNG Interface (V1.1)
    - Various optimizations in tool import
    - Support of new tool types

• WinTool NX Interface (V5.0.1)
    - Compatible with NX 1942
    - Various optimizations in tool import

• WinTool TEBIS Interface (V3.6.1)
    - General optimizations in tool import
    - Significant improvement for the transfer of cutting conditions
• WinTool Mastercam Interface (V4.1.0)
    - Improvement of the transfer of cutting values
    - Various optimizations of the parameter transfer for Mastercam 2020 & 2021






Make your CNC production reliable