WinTool as well as a data turntable for standardized NC data management!

WinTool is the central CNC data wheel for integrated & standardized NC data processing. Production data is produced during job preparation, programming, setup, measuring, and on the machines. WinTool seamlessly integrates applications such as MES, CAM, Microsoft Office, Presetter Software or DNC (Controls) in order to standardize the machine production workflow. WinTool establishes reliable, efficient, retraceable and paperless part production with CNC machines.

Your Benefit with WinTool:

  • Simplify & enhance the work in all stages of the CNC production workflow
  • Eliminate hustle & bustle, NC data losses and redundancies
  • Control data transfer between server, CNC preparation and operations
  • Transparently archive (and link) production data by workpiece (PLM), machine & operation step (MES), customers (ERP), and internal classifications

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Upgrade to the newest version of WinTool that is now available on the WinTool homepage:

WinTool 2020.3

What’s NEW:

The new plugin-technology allows to display any kind of data, buttons or other controls directly within regular data entry forms of WinTool.

If additional data fields are required that aren’t intended by the WinTool datasructure, they can easily be added. The new added datafields are automatically stored or deleted with each tool and can easily be queried by external interfaces.

The plugins can quickly get adapted to customer wishes and are 100% compatible with future database upgrades.



  •  Various optimizations of the search- and filter technology.


  •  Various optimizations of outlines, as well as validation and dimming functionality.

CNC Archiv

  • The tool list version (Revision Control Status) is visible in the NC Folder.


  • The tool assembly default assembly state (“disassembled”, “ready for use” or “in use”) will be respected in the unloading procedure of the process manager.
  • The required tools for the presetter (triggered by the process manager) are ordered according to the tool list out of the process manager.



  • The cost centers in the logistics module are ordered by “Caption”, for more comfortable finding.
WinTool as central data hub for standardized NC data management!